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Unique 3D library of architectural assets for the holy sites of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Architon is a resource center of Labbaik VR that provides a unique 3D library of architectural assets for the holy sites of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. These beautifully crafted 3D tools are highly useful to media specialists, civil design specialists, game developers, advertisers, global Islamic ministries, Hajj training operators and more.


Architon’s 3D models are digitally constructed to replicate the exact sizes, textures and locations of the famous holy buildings and plains of Makkah, including the Grand Mosque, Ka’bah, Sa’i, Muzdalifah, Mina, Arafat and Jamaraat.

Architon’s 3D assets can be used by manifold industries, including:

Civil Design
These 3D models are essential for design artists dealing with civil engineering and design in industries like architecture, construction and product development.

Advertising, Media and Graphic Design
Our 3D assets are also particularly effective for graphic design specialists and media related processes and industries, as well as for placement in motion pictures, video games, commercial advertising, product demos, documentaries, etc.

Hajj Management
Architon’s 3D models are modeled to match exact dimensions and textures of Makkah’s holy locations, buildings and structures, which make them ideal for constructing Hajj management programs and software. These can be used for the critical training of Hajj operations personnel to prepare them in managing and providing security for pilgrims during the ongoing Umrah pilgrimages and the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Virtual Reality Gaming/3D Art Creation
Architon provides 3D models which can be utilized by gaming developers for creating compelling location design, 3D models of existing objects, unique characters and texturing.

Education and Training
Architon provides the essential 3D tools that can assist in building robust virtual reality based training software catered for the use of Hajj training operators, as well as Islamic ministries all over the world. Architon 3D models are ideal for use in building educational software for schools, colleges and universities.


Architon’s technology can be assimilated with all major 3D creation tools/software and publishing platforms. Architon 3D models are also compatible with all operating systems, browsers, including desktop and mobile. AR and VR support with compatible hardware is also no issue. Architon’s powerful APIs easily enable developers to directly upload and download our robust 3D models.

Android, iOS, Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge.

Easy drag-drop features, familiar UI, highly responsive workflows, undo/redo, context menus, etc.

Extensive user galleries, containing numerous 3D models, structures, buildings, geographical plains of Makkah, 3D characters and more

Numerous files and formats supported. FBX, Collada, STL, OBJ, Three.JS, Babylons.JS, STEP, IGES, 3DS, Blender and more.

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