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Pilgrim Management System is a powerful tool for managing your journey for complete Hajj training and Umrah guide.


With features such as real-time tracking of pilgrims, automated communication with service providers, and a comprehensive database of services, our system simplifies the management of your Hajj Umrah training.

LIVE Hajj Umrah training, via web-based portal.

Enabling trainers and pilgrim trainees to log into the virtual environment and assume avatar representations on the screen. The trainer guides the trainees through immersive virtual tours of the sacred locations in Makkah, facilitating Labbaik Hajj & Umrah services online.

Facilitating training scheduling for large groups of pilgrims.

This system empowers trainers to effectively plan and organize sessions on the steps of Hajj and Umrah, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

Create User Account

You can create you user Account here easily.

Add Instructor 

You have also choice to add instructor according to your ease. 

Dashboard and Reports.

Dashboards are a graphical representation of aggregated data that is captured by the PMS software application, giving stakeholders a quick overview of various Key Performance Indicators of the online Hajj training system.

Real-time tracking of pilgrims in real time during Hajj

The training company can easily keep track of all pilgrims during the Hajj program 2022 and beyond. The training operator will have a Map on which he can monitor locations of all pilgrims, or any individual pilgrim.

Knowledge Center

Allows easy downloading of the Labbaik Hajj Umrah training simulator for trainers, as well as the mobile app for trainees to join the online Hajj training sessions.

Download Center

Allows easy downloading of the Labbaik MV training simulator for trainers, as well as the mobile app for trainees to join the online Hajj training sessions.


ZOOM Training

PMS allows easy compatibility with ZOOM for effective online training.


Allows syncing to the Labbaik Hajj Umrah mobile app.


Provides Chat support for trainers and trainees



Supports all languages, according to country.

Track Hotel

Allows the trainees to track their hotel easily, in case they get lost, during Hajj. Pilgrims can track their hotels from their current position through Google Maps.

Qibla Direction

This feature provides an in-app compass for showing direction of qibla.

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